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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Hope rides on

Today I actually drove my car downtown, parked at the Sutter-Stockton garage and walked around Union Square for a bit before going to see my opthamologist in the art deco, 450 Sutter building. This billboard stopped me in my tracks. Love it.

Yesterday, while working here at the computer there was a scintillating spot marring my vision. At first it was in both eyes, and then it got bigger and weirder - a flashing football shape obscuring my vision - but at that point, clearly only in my left eye. I called my internist first because if it started in both eyes I thought it was a brain dysfunction more than an eye problem, but they had me call the eye doc. By the time I'd been on Hold at both offices, the flashing football moved off to the periphery and then disappeared - within 30 minutes it had come and gone. My exam today confirmed that it had been either an ocular or retinal migraine or, in other words, a vascular spasm affecting my vision. This is pretty common and no biggie - which is what I thought yesterday when it quit and I felt fine.

I'm packing up to visit DB in Seattle for a week or so. Maybe there will be some red tulips there.

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