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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hot day & Hercules sighting

This guy hadn't been seen for weeks and wasn't even eating the blueberries I put out (can only pray he's been eating the snails brought to him from a park across town by my neighbor), but since it's so hot I watered his yard this morning, and he liked that. He went to his little pond for a long drink. But he still didn't eat his new berries.

I went out today with just my little point-and-shoot camera, and if it wasn't so friggin' hot, I could go back with the big camera and long lens to get Willie McCovey Hitting Into the Sun again, this time with a crowd in the stands. (But I think I'd still like my old shot of Willie, without the people in the stands, better.)

That's my old touring Miyata in the foreground. After being off the bike for two weeks and riding 36 fairly hilly miles yesterday, my legs were none too happy today. What's with that? All those miles and miles two weekends ago were for naught?

It's 82 here in my house and very hot in the sun.

There will be many sunburns from today, some probably serious.

Three days and the fog will be back.


page132 said...

perhaps Herc knows something....

Groover said...

Hold on to the good weather for a few more days ... please! For me ... :-)

Three more sleeps to our holiday.

Love the picture of Hercules in his little bath.