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Friday, April 17, 2009

Seattle times

The sun was out for my last two days in Seattle with DB and we went to the locks and to Gasworks Park. And now the sun is shining in San Francisco, the winds of earlier this week have died down and I want to get on my bike, not sit here trying to write about my trip. . . .

. . . but instead I got groceries and cleaned Sibyl's boarding cage and cooked artichokes and worked on a couple of Seattle images. Tonight is the symphony, and then I get up early tomorrow to ride to Pt. Reyes Station with the Velo Girls.


Groover said...

Once again nice photos, Jackie. I'm glad you had a good trip and also to hear that the weather is nice in SF. I can't wait to visit your part of the world but I can't promise to catch up as we haven't got a clear schedule. We will see.

Oh, and how do you cook artichokes? I always see them in the markets but never know what to do with them so I don't buy them.

Jackie said...

Hi Groover - I sent you an email with the best way to cook 'chokes...and how to eat them for good measure. Do they grow the same kind there, I wonder?