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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

This day

I'm so disappointed by yellow tulips. They really just bore me. Yesterday, I rode all the way over to the beach to check them out again. I even planted my butt down on the wet cement to get them in the foreground. And then I went to the de Young to see the Yves St. Laurent show before it closes, and I'm glad I did. Great stuff. Really.

Today I cleaned my cottage of Sibyl's mess (and mine), vacuuming and cleaning, but just superficially. I was going to ride 50 miles, but last night I had a sore spot in my mouth/throat/neck/ear either from a virus (boo, hiss) or maybe one of those gum injuries that make things hurt. Well, I don't feel sick so I guess it's a gum-thing (probably from brushing too hard). So I spent the afternoon working with pixels again, instead.

It was nice to hear from folks on the peninsula that they have an endless supply of snails. I may have to go south on a collecting trip. Hercules disappeared again, perhaps because he's waiting for his dinner to reappear.

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Groover said...

Jackie, did you ride all the way to Holland to take this picture? LOL

I like tulips. Yellow, orange, pink, purple, red or flamed ... I just like them full stop.

I hope you find some snails soon and that you can entice Hercules to come out of hiding.