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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hard work

On my way to Fairfax early this morning I stopped at Vista Point to see the Lone Sailor; he's still keeping his silent vigil.

I started riding up Mt. Tamalpais counter-clockwise from Fairfax, meaning to meet the Velo Girls who would be riding from the Presidio, through Mill Valley and over East Peak (clockwise), and then we'd ride together back to my car, which would then be available to sag back to the city, if needed.

Getting to the turnoff at Ridgecrest was definitely the most hill climbing I've done in one stint in a long, long time and it was very hard. For one thing, there was no warm up leaving from Fairfax before the unrelenting climb - and then after Alpine Dam, more of the same.

(The last time I went on this ride it was in the rain and fog and I missed the turn at Ridgecrest, ending up in Bolinas, adding lots of miles to get back via Shoreline Highway. )

I found the left turn from Bolinas Rd. easily enough (though I didn't see a sign for it), and I waited for them to arrive, but when they still weren't there by noon, I decided to ride back to Fairfax to get the car and drive back looking for them, a little worried, though mainly I was just tired of waiting.

I got an iced coffee, used the much needed restroom! and drove back up the mountain where I found them regrouping about 4 miles out from Fairfax. They'd had one misadventure when a bee went into a rider's helmet and she fell, smack in the middle of traffic. No one needed a ride so I went on over the mountain, taking an hour to get down to Mill Valley. Spectacular views along the ridge.

After my shower, Jill took me out to dinner for Mother's Day.

Good day.

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velogirl said...

happy mothers day to my dear, dear friend.