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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Compost ready

For some time now I've been wrapping wet garbage for the compost bin in old newspaper, tying it with sisal cord---sometimes with a knot, sometimes a bow---and today I was down to the front page from Inauguration Day. I hesitated using it for awhile. And then I did the deed, but as you can see, I made sure the Obamas remained face up, away from the corn cob and coffee grounds. But I sort of feel bad about it, so I took this picture and will write about it a bit. Really, I meant no disrespect.

Growing up, my mother had a collection of "important" events. She saved newspapers and Life magazines. They'd be under the couch, or in the bottom of a drawer. She didn't do much to preserve them, to keep them from turning yellow, or from being dog-eared and worn, but they were fun to run into and read again.

I had the same sad feeling when I threw out all those old WWII papers. Maybe I shouldn't have. Life just gets so cluttered with this stuff, doesn't it?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

One way, then the other

Yesterday I rode clockwise from Potrero Hill around the outer city limits. Today I did much the same route, counter-clockwise.

Big deal.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Periodical creep

I went back to SFMOMA this week to see the Robert Frank show again.
I like Mario Botta's building a lot.

It's happening again, the number of magazines coming in my mail is creeping up & up. Right now I have twelve open on my kitchen table, one on top of the other, all partially read. This month's Wired has some interesting stuff. They all do. But other than reading while I eat, who has time for so many? (I had expiring frequent flier miles I had to use or lose. I probably should have let them go.)

Next to my bed I have a half-read novel. Sometimes it moves into the living room and I actually sit and read it; sometimes I just read it during commercials on TV.

And then there's all the online news and Googling and Wiki'ing. I think I read too much. I usually have NPR on the radio, not really listening because I'm reading, but it's company, especially while I work on image files on the computer---though when I'm focused, I'm not really listening.

I used to take long baths, reading until the water got cold. I'd reach up with my toes and turn on the hot water in my too-short, but deep tub.

But now I take showers and Sibyl takes a shower with me. She's very funny looking when she's wet---and she smells like an old goosedown pillow, but only when she's wet. Pionus and amazon parrots give off a sweet, old rose, perfumey whiff. Not all the time, but when it happens it's a nice surprise.

Monday, June 15, 2009


I spent today doing bookkeeping and playing with Sibyl. Not sure why either took all day, but they did. I meant to mail my finished Netflix DVD (Weeds, Season 2) so I'd get a new film to watch now that there's nothing but reruns on television - and one can only work at a computer just so long - but I never got out of the house. My converter box and rabbit ears work for all but CBS. Too bad. I made vegetable soup for lunch, tasty, zero points, and I'm already hungry two hours later.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Since I started working with images again a few years ago I've mostly just kept what pleased me. Last year I took a spin down stock photography lane because DB said I should---and why not, I said---and was immersed in the black & white project for many months. I learned a lot of technical stuff, though not enough to play tricks---and I do want to play a trick or two from time to time---but, so far, just enough to mostly pull out what I want from an image. Not much different than working in a dark room. I still do miss the magic of pulling a print from the developer; don't miss those nasty chemicals.

Now I want to see what it is that I see beyond the obvious image.

This image has 12 people either shown directly, reflected or mirrored. Four are seen inside the window, plus the two on the bench are shadowed inside; there are four reflected on the outside of the window, plus two of the reflected figures are mirrored on a surface inside the gallery = 12. You probably need to see the high res version to see them all. I love things like that. Not everyone does. Well, maybe I should spare the blog this obscure stuff.

Friday, June 12, 2009

SFMOMA with Beverly today

"Stele I" 1973 by Ellsworth Kelly

I hauled me and my big camera down to SFMOMA to meet Beverly for lunch and to see the Robert Frank show, hoping to reshoot the north face of the building in Minna Alley (see North Face from a year ago May), but it needed bright sun at 2:45 to get the same strong shadows and that didn't happen.

As an unexpected bonus, we also saw the Ansel Adams/Georgia O'Keefe exhibit.

After walking and standing and looking at both those shows my back hurt (I'm not a museum lover) and we went to see the new roof garden. I'd call it a sculpture garden. I liked it.

Bev caught a bus and I rode up to Front & California to watch Swoops dive bomb people when they walked under his nest tree. Videos of the action have been making international news. (This photo is from the blog about him and is titled "This bird is pissed.")

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Back to my (immediate) future

So, it looks like I was the Missing Link again! Been such a long time without a new post, my "fans" will disappear!

It's good to be home after two weeks in Seattle. They had a weird heat wave and no rain the whole time I was there. Read four trashy novels. Did a lot of casual riding with DB, took boring pix which I haven't even looked at yet, spent four days on Orcas Island doing the same. They really do have too many trees and green, green, green everything up there.

Sibyl is glad to be home, too. I was asked for some high res images of her for a national magazine (no money involved), showing her specific specie's features (Pionus senilis) and I'm sending the one above and some others where she's less hidden.

I'll go get the Freds (western painted turtles) from Jill's today. The 3-toed box turtle, Hercules, is doing fine in his little yard, apparently finding the well hidden snails I import for him.

And so it's back to the routine here. Not sure what's next. . . .