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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Back to my (immediate) future

So, it looks like I was the Missing Link again! Been such a long time without a new post, my "fans" will disappear!

It's good to be home after two weeks in Seattle. They had a weird heat wave and no rain the whole time I was there. Read four trashy novels. Did a lot of casual riding with DB, took boring pix which I haven't even looked at yet, spent four days on Orcas Island doing the same. They really do have too many trees and green, green, green everything up there.

Sibyl is glad to be home, too. I was asked for some high res images of her for a national magazine (no money involved), showing her specific specie's features (Pionus senilis) and I'm sending the one above and some others where she's less hidden.

I'll go get the Freds (western painted turtles) from Jill's today. The 3-toed box turtle, Hercules, is doing fine in his little yard, apparently finding the well hidden snails I import for him.

And so it's back to the routine here. Not sure what's next. . . .

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