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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Compost ready

For some time now I've been wrapping wet garbage for the compost bin in old newspaper, tying it with sisal cord---sometimes with a knot, sometimes a bow---and today I was down to the front page from Inauguration Day. I hesitated using it for awhile. And then I did the deed, but as you can see, I made sure the Obamas remained face up, away from the corn cob and coffee grounds. But I sort of feel bad about it, so I took this picture and will write about it a bit. Really, I meant no disrespect.

Growing up, my mother had a collection of "important" events. She saved newspapers and Life magazines. They'd be under the couch, or in the bottom of a drawer. She didn't do much to preserve them, to keep them from turning yellow, or from being dog-eared and worn, but they were fun to run into and read again.

I had the same sad feeling when I threw out all those old WWII papers. Maybe I shouldn't have. Life just gets so cluttered with this stuff, doesn't it?


kitp said...

My Dad had the first issue of Life at the bottom of a large stack, as well as nearly a room full of other information. I thought some might have some worth so I delivered the whole lot along with many books to a branch of his fraternity.

I guess now that everything is online, it is no longer necessary so save stuff, but I do, at least for a few months until I run out of room.

Love your photographs. Kit

page132 said...

I took those from grandma & have them in a box in my closet.

Jackie said...

What fun! Can't wait to dig into that box and see what's there.