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Saturday, June 13, 2009


Since I started working with images again a few years ago I've mostly just kept what pleased me. Last year I took a spin down stock photography lane because DB said I should---and why not, I said---and was immersed in the black & white project for many months. I learned a lot of technical stuff, though not enough to play tricks---and I do want to play a trick or two from time to time---but, so far, just enough to mostly pull out what I want from an image. Not much different than working in a dark room. I still do miss the magic of pulling a print from the developer; don't miss those nasty chemicals.

Now I want to see what it is that I see beyond the obvious image.

This image has 12 people either shown directly, reflected or mirrored. Four are seen inside the window, plus the two on the bench are shadowed inside; there are four reflected on the outside of the window, plus two of the reflected figures are mirrored on a surface inside the gallery = 12. You probably need to see the high res version to see them all. I love things like that. Not everyone does. Well, maybe I should spare the blog this obscure stuff.

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page132 said...

guess its genetic. I love this type of stuff. I vote for more!