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Friday, June 12, 2009

SFMOMA with Beverly today

"Stele I" 1973 by Ellsworth Kelly

I hauled me and my big camera down to SFMOMA to meet Beverly for lunch and to see the Robert Frank show, hoping to reshoot the north face of the building in Minna Alley (see North Face from a year ago May), but it needed bright sun at 2:45 to get the same strong shadows and that didn't happen.

As an unexpected bonus, we also saw the Ansel Adams/Georgia O'Keefe exhibit.

After walking and standing and looking at both those shows my back hurt (I'm not a museum lover) and we went to see the new roof garden. I'd call it a sculpture garden. I liked it.

Bev caught a bus and I rode up to Front & California to watch Swoops dive bomb people when they walked under his nest tree. Videos of the action have been making international news. (This photo is from the blog about him and is titled "This bird is pissed.")

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