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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Periodical creep

I went back to SFMOMA this week to see the Robert Frank show again.
I like Mario Botta's building a lot.

It's happening again, the number of magazines coming in my mail is creeping up & up. Right now I have twelve open on my kitchen table, one on top of the other, all partially read. This month's Wired has some interesting stuff. They all do. But other than reading while I eat, who has time for so many? (I had expiring frequent flier miles I had to use or lose. I probably should have let them go.)

Next to my bed I have a half-read novel. Sometimes it moves into the living room and I actually sit and read it; sometimes I just read it during commercials on TV.

And then there's all the online news and Googling and Wiki'ing. I think I read too much. I usually have NPR on the radio, not really listening because I'm reading, but it's company, especially while I work on image files on the computer---though when I'm focused, I'm not really listening.

I used to take long baths, reading until the water got cold. I'd reach up with my toes and turn on the hot water in my too-short, but deep tub.

But now I take showers and Sibyl takes a shower with me. She's very funny looking when she's wet---and she smells like an old goosedown pillow, but only when she's wet. Pionus and amazon parrots give off a sweet, old rose, perfumey whiff. Not all the time, but when it happens it's a nice surprise.

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