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Friday, July 31, 2009

Around my house

These gnomes guard my basement.

The orange house with its potted agave and blooming jacaranda tree is across the street from me.

Yeah, I think they're boring pix, too, but that's what I did today. I'm just back from taking more at the Community Garden on the other side of Potrero Hill. More boring scenes, I'm afraid. Pretty, but they lack anything of interest. This is what I do while I wait for something interesting to come my way; looking for that something sometimes works, usually not.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A ride to the Headlands

Whenever I ride on the weekday side, the east sidewalk of the bridge, I try to stop and say hello to The Lone Sailor. It was very foggy this morning but that didn't keep the tourists away. The pedestrians were thick on the ground.

When we got to the top of the Headlands we stopped to put on jackets for the dramatic downhill run. I asked Judy why she was stooped like that, she said so she wouldn't zip her sunglasses into her jacket. Oh.

We went into Sausalito and had lunch, or maybe it was a late, late breakfast, at the Lighthouse cafe on Bridgeway. I had a mixed-fruit pancake. We separated after braving even more pedestrians on the east sidewalk of the bridge. Man, they are all over the place, each with their own spontaneous route, no two the same. Reminder to self: save the bridge rides for weekends when tourists on bikes on the opposite, west sidewalk are slightly less numerous, though equally "spontaneous."

We went our separate ways after the bridge, and I rode through Pier 39, stopping for the Tiburon ferry schedule for future reference (and to avoid another scene like today on the bridge). I watched the tourists for a bit. I like watching happy people. Well, I'm sure some were happy. The de Young Museum has put up this 15-20 ft. tall promotion for the King Tut exhibit, right there at the pier.

Near as I could tell, the only thing this guy does is put on all this shiny silver stuff so people will pay to take their picture with him. It must take hours to put on. I don't think he sings or dances or does anything except be there. Probably makes a good living.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Another road trip

Judy and I will be driving to Monmouth, Oregon on Thursday. We'll be riding with Cycle Oregon Weekend for two days. Last year we slept in tents in Fort Stevens; this year we'll stay in the school dorm at Western Oregon University in the Willamette Valley. Should be fun.

But it's too hot here to be packing for a road trip. I'm sure I'll take all the wrong things.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Endurance riders & racers

I've been following Subarctic Jill's 2,700-mile race from Canada to Mexico, off-road, the length of the Continental Divide, with jaw-dropping awe. She's headed back to Juneau now, a very long drive, to start her life more-or-less over. This stood out: ". . . I have a whole life to move on with. Right now, I admit I feel a little amused when people tell me they're impressed with what I've accomplished. I want to tell them that life on a bike is so much easier than real life." She was mostly alone the entire way, riding 100+miles/day, in all kinds of wet weather, and she still made it in under 25 days. Awesome.

Yesterday I was pushing my little Bike Friday pedals as hard as I could, riding from the city to Menlo Park along the ridge, when a cyclist pulled up beside me and asked if I was Jackie. Yes, I said. (Not sure how she could recognize me from the back, off my Cannondale and not in Velo Girls' kit.) She gave me her name, which I remembered, but she was in a race-team kit, and she's lost 60 lbs. from when I knew her when she first started riding, and I could barely recognize her! We went on to talk about our bikes and this and that. She then went on ahead at her much faster training pace, but then she braked and waited for me to catch up; she said she wanted to thank me for the early encouragement on the Velo Girls rides, that cycling had changed her life. Made my day.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Death of a mouse and other non-news

Well damn, my wireless mouse just quit. I put in some freshly charged rechargeable batteries and it's still dead. How rude.

And just before that I went into the kitchen to make dinner and saw that it was time for the news on TV, and I again missed my little black & white set that no longer worked after the digital changeover. I gave it back to the Goodwill where I got it for zip many years ago. I guess I got my money's worth.

This cottage has high ceilings and sound doesn't reach from one room to the next and so I can't hear the TV from the living room while I cook. I live in only 450 square feet, cut up into four rooms, and I have to have a radio in every room so I can follow a story as I move around the house.

I never eat in the living room. In fact, I nearly always read while I eat and the TV is on just in case there's something important I should know that I don't already know, listening to the radio.

Grumble, grumble.

Other than that, life is good. I've been out riding one bike or another most days this week, and, today, I drove down to Burlingame for the First Sunday Velo Girls ride. Only two women showed up on this holiday weekend. In fact, there was strong evidence that a lot of people had left the area, which is weird since we live in paradise already. They were both strong riders and good company so we made short work of the route to Woodside and back.

After lunch and a shower I took my mystery book and plopped down on the couch to finish it. Sort of napped a little. Started catching up on the blogs I follow. Jill is somewhere on a mountain bike by herself, riding 2,700 miles in a race from Canada to Mexico along the Great Divide. And Pioneer Woman can eat up hours, exploring her posts. And on and on. Good stuff. Much better than trying to follow tweets and FBs. Substance.

And then my mouse died.

P.S. - Monday morning, I reinserted the batteries a few more times, wiggled them around a bit, and it lives!