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Friday, July 31, 2009

Around my house

These gnomes guard my basement.

The orange house with its potted agave and blooming jacaranda tree is across the street from me.

Yeah, I think they're boring pix, too, but that's what I did today. I'm just back from taking more at the Community Garden on the other side of Potrero Hill. More boring scenes, I'm afraid. Pretty, but they lack anything of interest. This is what I do while I wait for something interesting to come my way; looking for that something sometimes works, usually not.

1 comment:

Groover said...

I like Jacaranda trees and the jacaranda blue goes very nicely with the warm yellow of the house. The colours enhance and compliment each other. I don't think it's THAT boring. Your guard gnomes, however, are not scary enough ... :-)