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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Bad Air day

I roped Jill into modeling for me this morning, but it was so hazy that I didn't get what I wanted, though I do like this one.

And then she turned her iPhone on us.

At some point she'll send me the picture of me taking this picture of her. We did have fun. When the air clears maybe we'll try it again.

And here it is:


velogirl said...

Jill is lovely and the gnomes are fun! I like the top photo a lot.

Groover said...

I think I remember the gnomes from the pictures with the yellow house and the Jacaranda tree? Did you ask your neighbours across the road if it was ok to take their gnomes for a walk? :-) Great idea, great shots - even with the haze.

Jackie said...

Oh, it's OK, these are the gnomes from my garden and they just love their walkabouts. It's all I can do to keep up!

Yes, the haze actually works in that one. Glad you both agree. Thanks.