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Monday, September 07, 2009

06:24 Monday morning

I'm drinking my coffee, thinking about the road ahead and all the times I've ridden Highway 1 from San Francisco south. Probably twenty times by now. I can go on auto-pilot. I can tell you every tree I've used for a pit stop, every turn in the road.

With saddle and pedals my bike weighs 22 lbs. (Before the heavier wheel set it was 18.5.). Now, fully loaded, with front and back racks, full water bottles and the long-shackle U-lock, it's 53 lbs., and so I'm hauling 31 lbs. I've done this trip with a lot less---just one set of bike clothes, no camera---and a lot more---a tent and camping gear and food, over 40 lbs., but still light. I could drop another pound or two today, but I won't. I'm taking a slim book (8 oz.) and my iPod/radio and at least a pound of gorp and Clif bars (I could buy that on the road).

It's 56 miles from my house to the lighthouse at Pigeon Point. In an hour or so, I'll ride across the Mission to City College, through SF State, skirting Lake Merced to Skyline in Daly City---where I'll meet Judy---up the hill and through the ticky-tacky houses into Pacifica, over Devil's Slide and down the coast, stopping for lunch in Half Moon Bay, detouring later into Pescadero for artichoke soup at Duarte's and for a bag of food to have at Pigeon Pt., and, finally, getting to the hostel by the time they open to grab a lower bunk. We'll sign up for the hot tub overlooking the sea, where we'll watch pelicans and seals. Will we go first thing, or at sunset?

I always keep notes on my long rides. I'll have to wait until I get home to add them, though.

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