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Sunday, September 13, 2009

All about the pets

Photographer at Pacifica

I got back from a hard but great ride down the coast late yesterday and still had time to drive across the Bay Bridge to get Sibyl from birdie camp. She did not lay another egg while there.

I spent today cleaning and getting food for me and washing a lot of lycra. The box turtle, Hercules, was out stomping around his yard, looking for his dinner. The western painted turtles in the kitchen, the Freds, were no worse for going five days without food. I fed them twice and cleaned the filter.

But the winner is: my pet spider in the bathroom window. He gets an ant or two on his own, waiting patiently, but on three occasions I have lifted an ant from the floor and dropped it on his web. It takes him about three seconds to come out from the crevice where he hides and then I leave the room. I can't bear watching.

Sibyl took a long shower with me this afternoon and after preening every feather, is napping.

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