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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hercules the Strong

Photo taken by Corey - see Cinderella's nose?

His namesake has nothing on him. I saw it for myself: Hercules was nose-to-nose with my neighbor's husky, seemingly trying to get at the dog---even going underneath the gate to stick his head up on the other side so the dog could touch him.

I kept hearing about this, but today I heard Corey talking to Cinderella (the husky), looked out my window and watched the encounter. I wanted to get my camera but was afraid to leave and miss the sight.

Cindy was called away and I went down in the yard to make sure the gate wouldn't open. Cindy returned, Hercules returned, and they were again nose to nose. It was very weird.

He keeps making a circuit around his little yard, not eating, just stomping around. He's getting ready to go underground for the winter. I brought him into the house to cool off and settle down after his husky encounter. I let him wander around inside the house for awhile, but found him upside down in the bathroom when he tried to climb the wall. He doesn't understand walls.

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page132 said...

I've always known he wasn't quite "right" but this is downright bizarre!