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Thursday, September 03, 2009

One tough egg, one fast mouse

That's yesterday's egg. On Sunday, the first egg for this cycle was very thin and so I not only started adding calcium, but I doubled the amount I sprinkle on her wet food. Three days later she quietly dropped another egg into her basket (it is usually dropped from a high perch and it usually breaks). It was cold when I found it and solid. Perhaps too solid. I can see the excess calcium on its surface. Finding the right amount to supplement will be my next task.

I caught the field mouse in the act today, eating my box turtle Hercules' left-overs. I did see Herc eating earlier, so he got his share first.

The mouse looked up at me with his great big ears and then, lickity-split, off he went.

Hercules has to be quick to get his food before this guy gets wind of it.


I packed my panniers to ride down the coast next week. 4.5 lbs. each. Not bad.

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chatterbox said...

Have a great trip! I'm getting my panniers packed to ride the Olympic peninsula in Washington with the parents. Mine will be a bit heavier, I'm afraid (I gotta have all the stuff they will forget)!