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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Rarin' to go

This was taken in Portugal, five years ago*. I've replaced the wheels on my Bike Friday, Petite Pocket Crusoe with a sturdier, heavier pair, so it weighs a bit more. I also have a heavy camera and gear in a new, somewhat more compact trunk bag, and for a trip down the coast I'm not taking rain gear (hear that?), but whether I'm going for one or for many weeks, I take about the same stuff.

I'm all packed and wonder if I should take the whole kit 'n caboodle out for a spin tomorrow.

* this photo is on page 4 of the new Bike Friday catalog.


velogirl said...

would you blog your trip for velogirls.com? I think that would be really cool, Jackie.

Jackie said...

sure - I'll send it in next week.