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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Best if Used by

I made a big pot of pinto beans today, and in my family we'd have fried potatoes, cornbread, wilted spinach and sliced tomatoes to go with the beans, and so I went into the pantry for cornbread fixin's. You can't see it well in this photo, but I wrote "4/11/04" on its lid with a marker to show when I opened the can (and probably not used since).

That got me pulling other things out and, sure enough, most expiration dates are many years old. I'll fill the garbage bin tomorrow with an unopened tin of Crisco and boxed soups and other odds & ends - they're even too old for a Food Bank donation.

You either have to cook things like this often, or not at all.

But five years since I needed baking powder? That's pathetic.

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page132 said...

I was appalled at how old most of my stuff was. I went & threw out 80% of the crap crowding my cupboards @ a month ago. (my baking powder was from 99!