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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Trying is trying

I sit in the living room in an easy chair reading my new-to-me used texts on converting color digital images into snappy black & whites, and then when I come to my office and actually work an image I completely forget everything I've read. I need to learn just one exercise/process from the books well, never mind the image, until I know what I've learned. Yeah. I'll get right on that. Ha.

Nothing I've read lately went into processing this wimpy self-portrait. And being in b&w doesn't hide anything or flatter me much, it was just more fun to do.

In other news: Hercules has disappeared for the winter, even though it is summery here in SF. Sibyl (she's the one in color above) is probably going to lay another egg soon, which means she isn't great company while she solicits for a mate. But the dear, dear Freds in their big aquarium are always happy to see me, hoping I will give them some turtle chow. They too slow down a bit in the winter, but having lights on timers means they don't know when the days are short - I think I will change the timer.

I look forward to the winter, thinking I will study and contemplate and sew and cook and do all those indoor things I don't do when I ride a bike, any bike. And I have been better about not running away for several weeks, but writing the blog is really about procrastination from something, like now.

Yesterday I actually vacuumed most of my tiny cottage, even under the bed!; maybe next week I'll mop and wax the kitchen and bathroom floors.

But tomorrow I'm riding to Redwood City to see Kit. The heck with all this work!

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Groover said...

Just go and ride, Jackie. The housework doesn't run away and will still be there come snow and ice but those warm autumn days are too precious to be wasted indoors doing chores.

Nice portrait by the way.