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Sunday, November 22, 2009


This morning there were some nice cloud formations so I took my camera and a bag lunch to shoot some sky. But as I left the house it clouded over in that uniform gray way and I didn't know where to head. I wanted to get away from overhead wires and thought I'd go west, to the coast. When I got as far as Daly City, I remembered the graveyards and ended up wandering around the old section of the Italian Cemetery, where I sat in my car eating my bag lunch, hoping the sun would come back. And it did. I got a bunch of dark clouds with silver linings.

There are thousands of angels in Colma.
* * *
I used one of the sky shots to back up the same warrior. I could have him riding out of the graveyard, but I'm quite tired of working with him. Two of these images are hard won composites. Time to move on.

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