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Friday, November 06, 2009

Studying my day away

Two texts on the new version of Adobe Photoshop, CS4, came from the library this week, and today the third used text that I'd ordered arrived in the mail. (Because it has a taped cover, they also sent me a Pocket Guide for free.) I'm learning lots of good stuff to speed up things I already know how to do, but the tough stuff is buried deeper and will take lots and lots of time to delve into and learn in any meaningful, useful way. So, of course, I sidetrack myself to work on an image, even if only a shot of all my books.

When I look at the hundreds, if not thousands, of pictures I've accumulated in the last three years I don't really see a consistent interest, except I do seem to like sculptures as subjects --- maybe because I really would like to do people, but people don't hold still unless you ask them to, and that's a whole other deal.

I should go back and bring out Father Maraschi's eyes, don't you think? And what about that "tear" rolling down his cheek --- remove it? Well, I don't really need to keep this image, I used it to practice with a lasso tool to desaturate the background.

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Groover said...

Jackie, your desk looks so neat! Leave the tear! And do people! They are a great subject. Don't ask them to hold still. Capture the moments. You are an excellent photographer. You can do it!