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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


My parrot, Sibyl, hangs out on my shoulder while I go about my day at home, but sometimes she's annoying and I'll put her on a shelf, or on the windowsill in the bathroom like I did yesterday morning. She decided to jump back on my shoulder just as I turned and flushed - and Ooops! she landed in the sucking vortex, on her way to the bay if I didn't catch her in time. Which I did. TP and all. We were both in shock. I wrapped her in a towel until our hearts quit fibrillating and then gave her a warm bubble bath in the sink, followed by a session with my hair dryer. She had a day of rest and is good as new today, though still sometimes annoying (watch out, Sibyl).

I spent the rest of yesterday with Elizabeth, driving around from Redwood City to Pescadero, taking Kings Mountain and Tunitas Creek roads. It was a bit gloomy, raining off and on; the only others on the back roads were a few intrepid, hardy cyclists. We stopped for artichoke soup at Duarte's, and I finished the day with a visit with Kit in Palo Alto.

The candy cane and flamingo house is on another road in the redwoods, and after it was sold the canes and birds disappeared. Miss them.

Monday, December 14, 2009

to the Ferry Building and back

Sometimes there are more pictures than words to go with them.

As long as the Cirque du Soleil is in town I will not run out of images along my bike route.

I like this ghostly white-winged bicycle on top of the shuttered Bike Hut on The Embarcadeero.

While I was taking these pictures the sun went behind dark clouds, the light went flat and I was getting hungry, three miles into the ride from my house, and so I locked up and went into the Ferry Building to see what I would see. I walked up the long corridor and came upon this display at the Far West Fungi booth. Magic (chocolate) Mushrooms!

One of my oldest friends, Beverly Dahlen, sent me a link last week about ancient traditions from Nordic shamans, about the red and white mushrooms (Amanita muscaria) which grow under pine trees in the winter, and how so many of our holiday-solstice practices have evolved from those times. Here's a link to a long article about it: Santa Claus the Magic Mushroom.

I bought a sandwich at Acme Bakery and took it outside on the dock. As I was eating and looking in the outdoor cart at Book Passage my old friend's name leaped out at me; it was a volume of her poetry that I didn't own. Of course, I brought it home.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A doll, a white bear and a circus tent

Yesterday I rode my town bike to have my hair cut in Jackson Square, where Les always has extraordinary antiques, changed for each holiday. Better than a Gump's window.

As I left it had started to snow, mixed with rain (no clatter of hail on my helmet), but it stopped within a mile. I love the dramatic skies whenever we finally have some "weather."

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Getting behind

Ellen, Barb and Mary Ellen at Kaethe's
Are blogs passé? I know I'm finding less to say about the everydayness of my life.

It's that time of year when I turn inward, and I actually look forward to uninterrupted time indoors, studying, reading novels, working on image files.

I like what I'm learning; it will eventually all add up.

That's Cassie, taken yesterday when The Eight gathered at Kaethe's. We once worked together at the old Children's Hospital ER. (I think it was Cassie who named us the Octopussies.)

Here's another with seven of The Eight (I'm taking the picture). We've had Staff Lunch together for over twenty years.

Ellen, Mary Ellen, Judy, Barb, Kaethe, Cassie and Dottie

I used some of the images from the party to work on my black & white techniques. They're coming along.
Makes me wish I could go back and redo all my old work.