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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


My parrot, Sibyl, hangs out on my shoulder while I go about my day at home, but sometimes she's annoying and I'll put her on a shelf, or on the windowsill in the bathroom like I did yesterday morning. She decided to jump back on my shoulder just as I turned and flushed - and Ooops! she landed in the sucking vortex, on her way to the bay if I didn't catch her in time. Which I did. TP and all. We were both in shock. I wrapped her in a towel until our hearts quit fibrillating and then gave her a warm bubble bath in the sink, followed by a session with my hair dryer. She had a day of rest and is good as new today, though still sometimes annoying (watch out, Sibyl).

I spent the rest of yesterday with Elizabeth, driving around from Redwood City to Pescadero, taking Kings Mountain and Tunitas Creek roads. It was a bit gloomy, raining off and on; the only others on the back roads were a few intrepid, hardy cyclists. We stopped for artichoke soup at Duarte's, and I finished the day with a visit with Kit in Palo Alto.

The candy cane and flamingo house is on another road in the redwoods, and after it was sold the canes and birds disappeared. Miss them.

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