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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

for Dianna

My dear friend Dianna sent me word about the Whirley Pop Popcorn Popper after reading yesterday's post. I had read countless testimonials online about this popper but since it makes 6 quarts of popcorn I figured it was too big for me. She assured me one can pop just the right amount for one person.

She also said my hiker in the pavement pit needed a wider view for context, and that she loved my little intrepid hiker and thought I should do a series featuring him around the city. Quite right about the context, not sure about doing a series with him around town.

Well, I managed to ride to Jackson Square for a haircut before it rained, and even into the heart of the city to Crate & Barrel, where the Whirley Pop Popcorn Popper was on sale!!! I snapped it up. (I then rode about two blocks before I realized I'd left my sunglasses on their counter and had to go back. They were still there, hidden safely behind the register. Whew! It could have been a very expensive popcorn popper.)

It never did rain and I was all tricked out, ready for heavy weather.

I ate a light dinner just now and will make a big pot of popcorn later. I hope there's something good on TV tonight.

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Anonymous said...

I grew up in western Kentucky where in the fall you will find one time in the city and another time in the adjacent countryside, both in the same county, of course. The NY Times did a story last year about Indiana where you can find cities which are split time zones which makes the bus schedules crazy.