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Monday, January 11, 2010

How I waste my time

Ever since my wheels got stuck in a crack in the pavement last week, I've been thinking about illustrating the pit with a picture of a little man climbing out of it.

I only think of things like that while I'm riding. Really, I didn't sit around making plans on how I'd do it, but when I went into the Community Thrift Store on Valencia on Saturday, looking for the perfect pot to pop popcorn in, there was a box near the door of all sorts of weird action figures, ranging from far-out fantasy dragons to this rather sweet hiker wearing a removable backpack. Yes! He'd be perfect for my fantasy picture! and I stood in a long line to buy him for 75 cents.

This morning, I went to class on the USF campus, a lecture class on Thomas Mann and Germany, ate the lunch I packed, rode to Clement St. hoping to find the perfect popcorn-popping wok (no luck), and then rode into Golden Gate Park, where I saw a pit, a huge crack in the pavement in a no-traffic path; and that's where I took this picture. There are plenty of high-traffic chasms, bicycle-wheel traps, and bike-eating holes on probably 95% of our city streets, but getting run over for the sake of art didn't seem wise.

On the way home I went back to the Thrift store for a pretty good, if not perfect pot that I saw on the day I bought the hiker, and it was GONE! I still can't believe it. (Price: 50 cents.) Who else could be looking for a heavy, deep saucepan at a thrift store? I was so distressed that I went over to Mission St. and the "17 Reasons Why" thrift store. (Is that sign still on top of that building, I wonder?) They had a less-perfect pot for $12.95. I didn't buy it, either.

Sadly, this picture doesn't do it for me. He needs to be reaching up higher, clinging to the top of the cliff, like he's struggling out of a deep pit. I should probably let it go, not obsess over getting it right, but I'll keep the little hiker in my handlebar bag in case another good photo-op comes along.

P.S. The box of action figures was sold out, too.

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