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Saturday, January 30, 2010

A little ride

I hemmed & hawed all morning about going for a ride. The sun would come out and I'd think about gearing up; the sun would disappear and I'd go back to puttering around. Finally, at 2:00, I got myself on the road.

First, riding along Mission Bay towards the ball park I ran into a zillion young people dressed in black and heavy jewelry walking to & fro, or hanging out around huge motor-homes having BBQ-tailgate parties. There's a big deal moto-cross event tonight. A few little kids were racing around on skateboards and such, but turning the corner onto the 3rd Street bridge they'd closed off half the road for the crowd of punk black-clad fans.

So far, so good, but it was just the same ol' ride I do every Saturday, and so turning back into North Beach, heading straight up Powell from Columbus, cresting Nob Hill and turning left on California, I crossed Chinatown and the Financial District, mixing it up a bit. Fun.

Home again by 3:30, never stopping along the way. No new pix. A nice little ride.

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