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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Still bouncing

Heading home from a lovely city ride, both wheels on my Bike Friday suddenly went into a surface crack in the road, one after the other, and stuck. I popped the front wheel out O.K., but the back wheel kept trying to throw me into parked cars.

I finally got out of the rut just as I broadsided a parked car, sliding along and bouncing back and forth off its side, which finally catapulted me into the back of a van sticking out into the road - and that took me down in not quite slow motion. I almost pulled it out. Almost.

Wham. Wham. Blam!

It didn't hurt me, except I hit the back of my helmet pretty hard on the pavement, enough to see stars, but no L.O.C. I popped right back up, with a string of cars easing by me, passengers asking if I needed help. Both brake levers were shoved in, easily fixed. The mirror broke. I was on Steiner, maybe just past Ellis. I thought of stopping by Judy's in Opera Plaza, but I felt fine. Bike worked fine. So I trooped on home, no worse for the wear. Well, there'll be a few new bruises and a bit of road rash in odd places, and probably a stiff neck tomorrow.

It must have been a spectacular sight from behind, with no obvious explanation. I told everyone my wheel had been trapped in a crack as they went by me; I'd hate to have them think I just went spastic and ran into parked cars for no reason!

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Groover said...

Oh, I'm sorry, Jackie. Glad you are ok though. I'm always worried about the exact same thing, getting caught in the cracks of the road. Hope the bruises and road rash will heal fast.