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Saturday, February 27, 2010

There's always one

. . . cherry blossom out of focus.

I just discovered a kindred soul about to take his Bike Friday Tikit to the Netherlands, though he'll be there sooner than Judy and me. But he has a blog, footloose fietser, dedicated to planning and packing for a six-week trip, which I've added to my list of blogs to follow - and I hope he'll post from the saddle too, once he gets going.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sea turtles and all that jazz

I sat down in my easy chair to study my camera manual after dinner, but somehow I never get very far before I pick up the camera and without getting out of the chair, start playing around with it. I was experimenting with macro and manual focus, using my favorite stuffed turtle. And then, of course, I have to download the files and start learning more how-to stuff on the computer. I don't get very far with that either, but it's fun. (These were taken at 1/15 sec. by the dim light of a 40 watt floor lamp next to my chair. This little camera is really something in low light.)

I hardly ever listen to my own CDs, rather I tune in to KCSM and let them choose. They do a good job, especially this time of day. Mellow. Laid back. In fact, I'm hearing Miles as I write this.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday stripping

Amaryllis at Kit's

A good rainy day project: figuring out how to strip my exif data from files (for commercial use), leaving everything else intact. After that I opened up my computer and vacuumed out some dust balls, pulled out the memory platforms and did research for adding lots more, plus a new operating system.

I stripped and remade my bed and sorted laundry for when I hit the laundromat on Tuesday. And then I cleaned the filter in my turtles' tank, boiled eggs and made curried egg salad for sandwiches, researched a trip to the Getty Museum and Walt Disney Hall in L.A., wrote to some friends, played with my parrot, yada yada yah.

Now I guess I'll make some dinner, put my feet up in the other room instead of my office and watch something on TV.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Things I saw today

As I rode along the Embarcadero the fog still covered the bay, hiding the bridge from view. I was on my way to Jackson Square to have Les cut my hair, but I was early so I stopped in Portsmouth Square.

I hadn't seen this small bronze replica of the Goddess of Democracy before today. In 1989, I was riding my bike down the California coast and camping in the mountains behind Santa Barbara during the Tienanmen Square protest, but stayed aware of it, and somehow saw the pictures coming out of China, including this Goddess, originally made by art students with foam and papier-mache over a metal armature.

Gung hei! Fat choi! Les has put out the Year of the Tiger.

I didn't know I'd done a self portrait until I processed these. And without my glasses on I also didn't know I was shooting at 1/8 sec., and am surprised they didn't have a lot of motion. It makes me so mad that I can't see the small print on my camera back!

That is the sweetest face ever.

The sculptors of Ugly have struck again. This new giant is in the park on Octavia and Linden. She appears to be balancing a stone on her forehead. I wonder if it was meant to be there or if someone managed to throw it up the 30-40 ft. The last time this sort of thing appeared, it was on the waterfront - see my 2006 post, "Really ugly, HUGE sculptures."

I also rode my bike from the bay to the ocean, straight across the width of the city, more or less. I wanted to see if the tulips were coming up at the windmill. They aren't budding, but there is promise of things to come. There were lots of cars in the park with people out enjoying the warm spring day. I ate my sandwich and then rode back to USF for my afternoon class. And then, on my way to the symphony box office to exchange tickets, I came across the ugly sculpture, which definitely wrapped up the day of seeing both weird and wonderful things.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pink flowers

Everywhere, fluffy pink flowers. I've always called them cherry blossoms but no cherries ever appear---or any other fruit. I don't know what they are for sure. Oh, but they are so pretty.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Hearts and Ralph Lauren

I had such a good time riding around downtown, looking for the new art hearts. They're not deployed yet, probably not until after the big deal luncheon on Thursday---and today the entire middle of Union Square was being tented for that. I shot some hearts that may be new, though I know Tony Bennett's (above) has been there for a few years.

(When I see things like a girl wearing orange sitting next to an orange heart, below an orange sign, plus perfect orange reflections of her shirt and the heart, well, it was worth waiting for the tourist crowds to move out of the shot . . . sort of. Never mind that one could do the same thing with Photoshop.)

Some guy was trying to sell people pictures of themselves in front of the Heart of San Francisco, as he called it. Nobody took him up on it while I was there.

As I was heading to the Embarcadero after taking Ralph Lauren and Me (see my bicycle and me in the reflection?), I started laughing out loud. Yes! I have my smile back. Could it be this spring weather in February? It is so nice here that the neighbor guys up front are having a barbecue with their friends in our yard as I write this. Sounds of summer.

- Dianna, my friend in Vancouver, was part of the welcoming volunteers for the USA athletes and worked the Ralph Lauren outfit-fitting sessions. I sent her this photo and she wrote back that these models, in their very own store window, in downtown San Francisco, are committing many fashion violations, as per the instructions each athlete received about the exact way each item must be worn.

And then I met Jane to see "The Last Station," which was sweet. We shared a BIG bag of popcorn: lunch.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Thoughts of Holland

I've just made plane reservations to the Netherlands this spring, when Judy and I will take our Bike Fridays over. My last bicycle tour there was in 1990, when Barb and I rode north and over the dike, took a train across Germany, rode all over Denmark and back---that was quite a long trip. Hard to believe it's been twenty years!