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Monday, February 15, 2010

Hearts and Ralph Lauren

I had such a good time riding around downtown, looking for the new art hearts. They're not deployed yet, probably not until after the big deal luncheon on Thursday---and today the entire middle of Union Square was being tented for that. I shot some hearts that may be new, though I know Tony Bennett's (above) has been there for a few years.

(When I see things like a girl wearing orange sitting next to an orange heart, below an orange sign, plus perfect orange reflections of her shirt and the heart, well, it was worth waiting for the tourist crowds to move out of the shot . . . sort of. Never mind that one could do the same thing with Photoshop.)

Some guy was trying to sell people pictures of themselves in front of the Heart of San Francisco, as he called it. Nobody took him up on it while I was there.

As I was heading to the Embarcadero after taking Ralph Lauren and Me (see my bicycle and me in the reflection?), I started laughing out loud. Yes! I have my smile back. Could it be this spring weather in February? It is so nice here that the neighbor guys up front are having a barbecue with their friends in our yard as I write this. Sounds of summer.

- Dianna, my friend in Vancouver, was part of the welcoming volunteers for the USA athletes and worked the Ralph Lauren outfit-fitting sessions. I sent her this photo and she wrote back that these models, in their very own store window, in downtown San Francisco, are committing many fashion violations, as per the instructions each athlete received about the exact way each item must be worn.

And then I met Jane to see "The Last Station," which was sweet. We shared a BIG bag of popcorn: lunch.


Anonymous said...

The pants are supposed to be tucked into thick white socks, then "Scrunch socks over pants legs--pant logo should be visible." This is a quote from the four color brochure which was given to each athlete with a photograph, instructions, and check list of each outfit. Also the moose cap is wrong. "Wear cap slightly over ears with flag patch on the left." As Cari, the Ralph Lauren fashion police told everyone, it looks stupid with the flag in front. Oh Lord, also "Lace boots and tie at back." Have a friend help you, Cari advised. I'm relieved to see that they complied with "Leave bottom two buttons of cardigan open." Heavens! Only three buttons of the jacket should be fastened. I can't tell if it's yet another fashion violation.

Jackie said...

Thanks for that clarification! My fans will want to know.