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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday stripping

Amaryllis at Kit's

A good rainy day project: figuring out how to strip my exif data from files (for commercial use), leaving everything else intact. After that I opened up my computer and vacuumed out some dust balls, pulled out the memory platforms and did research for adding lots more, plus a new operating system.

I stripped and remade my bed and sorted laundry for when I hit the laundromat on Tuesday. And then I cleaned the filter in my turtles' tank, boiled eggs and made curried egg salad for sandwiches, researched a trip to the Getty Museum and Walt Disney Hall in L.A., wrote to some friends, played with my parrot, yada yada yah.

Now I guess I'll make some dinner, put my feet up in the other room instead of my office and watch something on TV.

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