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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Daffodils & Small Dogs

I just added 8GB of memory to my Mac, which I bought from Small Dog in Vermont. They sent the two small dogs with it.

(Not sure why I decided to photograph blindingly bright, luminescent daffodils in front of my monitor. I have another shot, which, as I kept trying to get it right, has an image within an image within an image---like mirrors---but this is the sharpest of the small dogs on top of my monitor.)

My next to last class was today. The sun was shining, though cold enough to chill my face and make me wish I'd worn a mask riding my bike across town. I'll have about six weeks free to divide between sitting here to work on images and the usual spring cleaning. I already started weeding Hercules' yard and he hasn't made his post-hibernation appearance yet. I need to make fresh turtle chow, which means making a trip to the East Bay Vivarium for some of the ingredients (Purina Trout Chow). It takes two days to make.

And then there's the bike riding. I'm still going on the Velo Girls' Cinderella training rides, riding sweep. This year I'm determined to get more rides going with the Bike Friday club. I've been getting really lazy and slow just riding by myself.

Spring is just around the corner. What a mild winter we've had.

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