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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Enough dogs, already

On Monday, Jane went with me to get turtle chow ingredients at the East Bay Vivarium in Berkeley, and on the way there we detoured over to Treasure Island where I'd learned, thanks to Jill's Facebook contributors, that three (3) Doggie Diner heads were being kept on a trailer. We went as far east as you can drive on the island: no heads. I was, however, determined to find them and kept systematically looking and was finally rewarded. Unfortunately, they're being kept next to a rather ugly building and at that time of day one head was in shadow.

A man told us that the heads were rented out for various events and parties.

If you're ever lucky enough to see them go by on the road they'll stop you in your tracks; they are awesome. I saw them pass by in Dogpatch a year or so ago.

Speaking of lost local cultural icons: I wish they had saved Mr. Peanut. He lit up Highway 101 on the way into the city, winking and raising his cane in salute. And the Hamm's Beer glass atop a building on 15th Street, filling and emptying, too. They don't make signs like they used to, that's for sure.

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page132 said...

yes they do. They are just different so they aren't as good.... By the shear fact that they have no meaning for us. I miss Mr. Peanut every single time I go by.... Hell I miss the 76 sign!