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Sunday, March 28, 2010

More of that

Friday, while riding around town, I stopped for my usual El Toro Super Vegetarian Taco on Valencia and remembered I hadn't been into nearby Clarion Alley to check for new murals for a while. This one is not to my liking, but the girl sitting in the sun listening to her music was a nice touch.

Before that I'd trudged up Nob Hill to find the sculpture Hearts that are supposed to be in Huntington Park, but there were none. Perhaps when the newspaper article stated "will be on display" they meant eventually, like sometime between now and Labor Day, when they'll be auctioned off for charities. I took pictures of the trees in bloom, but didn't quite get anything worth working on (boring). A couple were planting Easter eggs in the trees and flowerbeds and said the kids were on their way, which seemed an odd time for it - I think Easter is over a week away.

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