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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Riding to Cuba (ha!)

Yesterday, Dianna and I rode from Woodacre through Samuel P. Taylor Park and over Platform Bridge Road and back. Once again, I thought I'd probably forgotten to beep my car locked after riding off, and worried a bit that her wallet might be gone when we got back, but all was as we left it - and my car was indeed unlocked.

Before Dianna moved to Vancouver we used to ride in West Marin. Afterward, on the way home, we'd stop at the San Rafael Goodwill and then eat lunch in the Cuban restaurant across the street; and that was our plan yesterday, too. We thought we'd miss the lunch crowd by the time we got back at 1:30. But, no, it was still very crowded.

A friendly young man took our order in line and we got our number and took a seat in front of this unexpected, live-feed video. We imagined we were looking at live shots from Havana, once we figured out that it wasn't being filmed where we were.

Our food arrived quickly and was as delicious as we'd remembered it. The crowd kept coming, lined up out to the street.

But after 2:00, the crowd finally thinned out. The friendly guy picked up our empty plates and we asked where the camera was in the live feed: it was from a nearby restaurant. He said something about the restaurant being filmed for some news show, but we didn't see that happen.

When I got home I looked up where we'd been, Sol Food, and it wasn't quite Cuba, it was actually Puerto Rico. Cuban Mambo's Cafe was next door. (Though a glance at reviews is confusing, maybe they're both PR, maybe M's is closed. But check out Sol Food's Web site; it's a hoot.)

Dianna scored two dresses and I got a book at Goodwill.

Our kind of ride.

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page132 said...

Have you thought about going to Cuba?