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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Riding to the dog

I met Judy this morning for a ride around the city, which is, I swear, 99.9% up hill.

We rode from civic center to the V.A. hospital near Land's End so she could show me the place she works these days (a terrible trailer), after which she took me on some back roads inside Ft. Miley to an old building once used to watch the bay entrance for incoming ships, and then on to the USS. San Francisco monument about the Battle of Guadalcanal. As we left the headlands, enjoying the swooping downhill run around the Cliff House, it was still overcast and gray, but when we turned east up Sloat the sun came back out---and it's a slight grade, up and up, until we were climbing through St. Francis Woods and over Twin Peaks. Yes, then there's another swooping downhill to the Mission, but I still swear, this route is 99.9% up hill. Takes forever.

Of course we stop every few miles for one thing or another, like me taking this picture of the "cultural icon," if not quite landmark, Doggie Diner dachschund. I'm so glad they restored and saved at least this one giant head and keep it on display, albeit way out in the Sunset.

The poppies are already blooming on Twin Peaks. Yes. Spring is nearly here.

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