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Friday, April 30, 2010

All better

By Thursday I wasn't blowing my nose or coughing, and so I went to my afternoon class. I can still hear a huskiness but that cold was history after three days of laying low. I still have four DVDs and a novel from the library that I now won't get to watch or read. Better to be well.

After class yesterday I went to the de Young to catch the Amish quilt exhibit, and glad I did, they're wonderful.

Today I repacked everything and got it all in, with a pinch of room to spare. I won't take my heavy jersey and wind tights, after all; they take way too much room and I can get warm with layers---as in everything I'm bringing worn all at once---instead.

Footloose Fietser is already in the Hoge Veluwe, savoring all the Van Gogh's at the Kroller Muller, and I'm pestering him with questions: I want DETAILS (but mostly about biking stuff).

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring blahs

I have nothing much to say these days. I'm either reading or watching DVDs. My Mac is in the shop getting new fans, taking longer than expected because it turned out to be the little fan in the graphics card making all the noise, and they had to order it. But I'll be getting a better graphics card on my 3-year warranty, which expires in July. That sucker weighs 42 lbs. and not easy to take in. Anyway, this old PC drives me crazy to use, and I can't work images on it at all.

Word just in from Footloose Fietser from Amsterdam: come on over, the weather's fine.

I came down with a head cold on Sunday and that's the big reason I'm watching old movies. I want to get over this quickly so I'm laying low.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Worry, worry

Ash clouds over Europe. Will Footloose Fietser get off the ground for Amsterdam later this week? We can only all cross our fingers and toes that our cycling vacations go off as planned. As usual, I've already packed my panniers many weeks too soon, but I need to know what will fit in two tiny panniers and a rack trunk.

Yesterday, I took my Mac to get new fans before the warranty expires and it'll be gone longer than I expected. I'm using my old PC, which I keep viable just for this sort of thing. I can't process any files from my new camera. The scene above is from the east bay, taken several years ago. If you click to enlarge it you can see the Cinderella riders off in the distance.

Not much else going on, just the usual classes and riding to & fro. I did some envelope stuffing at the Bicycle Coalition's new offices after class today.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Monday, April 05, 2010

One last dog

Read all about how he started this restaurant for "weiner-dogs" in Oakland in 1948. Click on the link above to the story in the SF Chronicle. Here's an excerpt:

The eateries with their vinyl stools at Formica tables, were the first fast-food restaurants after World War II, uniquely fashioned for the masses to munch hot dogs and hamburgers on the run.

The proprietor was a bit of a showman, too. He would buy the prize bull at the rodeo at the Cow Palace [remember those?] every year and take it around in a trailer. The champion bull would then become the prime ingredient in Doggie Diner dogs, according to his son.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Looking for my Loctite

I spent all of this rainy Sunday, a holiday Sunday, going through this bin and that drawer, and under the sink, and in the pantry, and everywhere I put tools . . . and I never did find the blue Loctite. But I refined what I'm taking to Holland and how to stow it in zip-space. The trip is far enough away that I will have forgotten where I stowed this, and stashed that, and I'll have to do it over again (probably more than once), and then on the trip when it is raining and I have a flat tire or other mechanical challenge, yes, then I will have to remember the last place I stowed that extra rack bolt, or battery charger, or secret stash of whatever.

I love totally wasted days like this, just puttering around and poking through my stuff.

And then I started working on the tulip-windmill files. The back field was planted with white, though the major display was all red.