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Friday, April 30, 2010

All better

By Thursday I wasn't blowing my nose or coughing, and so I went to my afternoon class. I can still hear a huskiness but that cold was history after three days of laying low. I still have four DVDs and a novel from the library that I now won't get to watch or read. Better to be well.

After class yesterday I went to the de Young to catch the Amish quilt exhibit, and glad I did, they're wonderful.

Today I repacked everything and got it all in, with a pinch of room to spare. I won't take my heavy jersey and wind tights, after all; they take way too much room and I can get warm with layers---as in everything I'm bringing worn all at once---instead.

Footloose Fietser is already in the Hoge Veluwe, savoring all the Van Gogh's at the Kroller Muller, and I'm pestering him with questions: I want DETAILS (but mostly about biking stuff).

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