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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Looking for my Loctite

I spent all of this rainy Sunday, a holiday Sunday, going through this bin and that drawer, and under the sink, and in the pantry, and everywhere I put tools . . . and I never did find the blue Loctite. But I refined what I'm taking to Holland and how to stow it in zip-space. The trip is far enough away that I will have forgotten where I stowed this, and stashed that, and I'll have to do it over again (probably more than once), and then on the trip when it is raining and I have a flat tire or other mechanical challenge, yes, then I will have to remember the last place I stowed that extra rack bolt, or battery charger, or secret stash of whatever.

I love totally wasted days like this, just puttering around and poking through my stuff.

And then I started working on the tulip-windmill files. The back field was planted with white, though the major display was all red.

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