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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring blahs

I have nothing much to say these days. I'm either reading or watching DVDs. My Mac is in the shop getting new fans, taking longer than expected because it turned out to be the little fan in the graphics card making all the noise, and they had to order it. But I'll be getting a better graphics card on my 3-year warranty, which expires in July. That sucker weighs 42 lbs. and not easy to take in. Anyway, this old PC drives me crazy to use, and I can't work images on it at all.

Word just in from Footloose Fietser from Amsterdam: come on over, the weather's fine.

I came down with a head cold on Sunday and that's the big reason I'm watching old movies. I want to get over this quickly so I'm laying low.

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page132 said...

oh dear. I accept full responsibility for the head cold. Stay down.... it's a mean one!
Let me know when your Mac is ready & I'll help you pick it up.