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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Worry, worry

Ash clouds over Europe. Will Footloose Fietser get off the ground for Amsterdam later this week? We can only all cross our fingers and toes that our cycling vacations go off as planned. As usual, I've already packed my panniers many weeks too soon, but I need to know what will fit in two tiny panniers and a rack trunk.

Yesterday, I took my Mac to get new fans before the warranty expires and it'll be gone longer than I expected. I'm using my old PC, which I keep viable just for this sort of thing. I can't process any files from my new camera. The scene above is from the east bay, taken several years ago. If you click to enlarge it you can see the Cinderella riders off in the distance.

Not much else going on, just the usual classes and riding to & fro. I did some envelope stuffing at the Bicycle Coalition's new offices after class today.

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Anonymous said...

Footloose Fietser did get off the ground, and is back on the ground in bicycle heaven. Spent jet-lagged day wandering on foot in A'dam until I could walk no more. Will do some baby cycling tomorrow. Come on over, the weather's fine!