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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ready, set . . .

Well, this year's tulips are long gone, as are most in The Netherlands. But their latest weather report for next week is mostly sunshine. Hope it lasts.

I have Amsterdam and San Francisco weather side by side on my desktop, and they're nearly identical, including rain predicted next Monday. Weird.

I just tried to check in online and am caught in a loop between Delta and KLM, and so won't be able to do it. Also noticed my seat assignment, made over two months ago, has disappeared from the reservation. I've emailed customer support and we'll see if they respond. This is why I always get to airports early. My nerves can't take all these glitches. The volcano isn't a problem right now. Hope that lasts, too.

Sibyl is not yet aware that she'll be going to birdie camp in a few hours. I hope she has good company this time. I guess I'll go get her cage ready to go.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Toe woe

This was taken the first time I dislocated my left big toe, crouching down low, waiting for the surf to hit just right. Yesterday I dislocated that toe again crouching down to take Hercules' picture.

It really hurts, and one cannot bear weight or walk, not to mention turn pedals. Five days before the trip. Not good.

The offending joint did not get better last night and I spent the wee hours reading my travel insurance (which, by the way, I blame for the mishap---when I don't buy insurance, I don't have a problem). I had to wait until 9:00 for the podiatrist's office to open, and it was looking pretty grim for an overseas cycling trip. I wasn't able to walk, except on the outer edge of my foot. I took a shower and got dressed in case I was told to come right in ("dislocation" wins an emergency spot).

I ate breakfast, and then I tried putting my foot straight down---and it didn't hurt. I tried walking normally---and it still didn't hurt. Problem solved. I can walk and run and put shoes on and do anything except crouch down low with my left foot behind me, big toe joint hyperextended.

So by the time I called it was no longer dislocated, but they told me to come in. The podiatrist, Noel O'Brien, (also an avid cyclist) thinks I had partial dislocations from hyperextension, and arthritic bone spurs may be involved (all of which was my guess, too). Went for weight-bearing x-rays to confirm. He couldn't elicit any discomfort with poking and stretching my joint every which way, so it's definitely the deep crouch maneuver setting things awry, without actually doing any serious damage. He thinks I'll be just fine, especially wearing cycling shoes. Will talk more tomorrow after he gets the x-ray results.

(P.S. No pathology other than a touch of arthritis, which is asymptomatic. The partial dislocations were most likely due to my loose ligaments, which were also responsible for a tibial plateau fracture in 1979, when my femur exploded it into a zillion pieces because my knee was hyperextended while landing on the dock jumping from a sailboat.)

Now all I have to worry about is a volcano in Iceland.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Scrubbing floors

I was going to weed Hercules' yard this morning but it rained last night and it's too wet. The other item on my must-do list was washing & waxing my kitchen and bathroom floors. I used Spic 'n Span, forgetting that the wax would then turn sudsy, and so now I've rinsed the kitchen floor and will wait for it to dry a second time before laying down the wax. My kitchen has the world's ugliest floor, made from squares of rotten hamburger-colored linoleum that are buckled and dented; the bathroom is at least tile, though not much nicer. I hate housework.
What I really want to do is putter around with my packed panniers, see if what I decided to take is really what I want to wear every day, day after day. It never is. And now the volcano in Iceland is disrupting air travel again.

Later: I did weed in the yard, and I finally found Hercules, still alive and living on the bounty in his yard, snails and slugs, I guess. I brought him in to weigh and then tried to take a good picture of him up close. Stooping low and bending my left big toe so severely dislocated it again (happened when I waited for a shot of high surf at Ft. Point 6 weeks ago). I'm hoping it will "pop" back in place, otherwise I have to either go to the E.R., or a podiatrist. I'll wait 'til tomorrow; it isn't blue.

The picture wasn't worth it.