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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ready, set . . .

Well, this year's tulips are long gone, as are most in The Netherlands. But their latest weather report for next week is mostly sunshine. Hope it lasts.

I have Amsterdam and San Francisco weather side by side on my desktop, and they're nearly identical, including rain predicted next Monday. Weird.

I just tried to check in online and am caught in a loop between Delta and KLM, and so won't be able to do it. Also noticed my seat assignment, made over two months ago, has disappeared from the reservation. I've emailed customer support and we'll see if they respond. This is why I always get to airports early. My nerves can't take all these glitches. The volcano isn't a problem right now. Hope that lasts, too.

Sibyl is not yet aware that she'll be going to birdie camp in a few hours. I hope she has good company this time. I guess I'll go get her cage ready to go.

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Groover said...

Recent conversation with my mum on the phone:

"It's getting cold over here now. We had 16C the other night. Days are still ok with temps in the mid twenties."

"Yes, it's getting really warm over here. Nights are now already around 16C and the days get really hot in the mid twenties."

It's all perception. :-)

Hope you are well, Jackie!