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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Scrubbing floors

I was going to weed Hercules' yard this morning but it rained last night and it's too wet. The other item on my must-do list was washing & waxing my kitchen and bathroom floors. I used Spic 'n Span, forgetting that the wax would then turn sudsy, and so now I've rinsed the kitchen floor and will wait for it to dry a second time before laying down the wax. My kitchen has the world's ugliest floor, made from squares of rotten hamburger-colored linoleum that are buckled and dented; the bathroom is at least tile, though not much nicer. I hate housework.
What I really want to do is putter around with my packed panniers, see if what I decided to take is really what I want to wear every day, day after day. It never is. And now the volcano in Iceland is disrupting air travel again.

Later: I did weed in the yard, and I finally found Hercules, still alive and living on the bounty in his yard, snails and slugs, I guess. I brought him in to weigh and then tried to take a good picture of him up close. Stooping low and bending my left big toe so severely dislocated it again (happened when I waited for a shot of high surf at Ft. Point 6 weeks ago). I'm hoping it will "pop" back in place, otherwise I have to either go to the E.R., or a podiatrist. I'll wait 'til tomorrow; it isn't blue.

The picture wasn't worth it.

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