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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Goodbye dear Freds

Well, I knew before I left that the Freds were unwell, just how unwell I wasn't sure. I had them euthanized on Tuesday at the vet's, where it wasn't readily apparent what ailed them. Jill came by to help me bury them yesterday. They're underneath the big turtle stepping stone in Herc's yard.

I couldn't stop crying for them on Tuesday. I spent the day slowly taking apart the aquarium and I will sell it or give it away; there will be no more turtles in my house. (The box turtle, Hercules, is still doing great in the yard.)

I've been going to All Pets Hospital on So. Van Ness ever since Dr. Frank Miller was there in the late 60s. I still had the bill from when I took George, another pond turtle, a young slider, for pneumonia. I copied it to take in and the staff were quite amazed at the prices. Dr. Miller had a column in the Chronicle, "Wonderful World of Animals" where he answered questions. He cured George, who then grew and grew for many years.

In 1970, it cost $18.00 for exam, sedation, treatment and hospitalization. You don't want to know what that would cost now. I do not begrudge them; they practice a high standard of modern medicine these days and had I wanted to spend mega-bucks, perhaps with tons of treatment I could have saved the Freds. But they're over 20 years old and that would not be right. I would have liked to know what ailed them; too costly to find out.

The thing I like most about turtles: they are perfect just as they are.

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page132 said...

They had a great life. But they sure will be missed.... I'm so sorry mama.....