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Monday, July 05, 2010

3 bikes on 3 days

Did it again: got on the Miyata on Friday, the Cannondale on Saturday, and the Bike Friday today. Tomorrow or Wednesday I'll get the Brompton out for a spin.

Saturday's ride on the Cannondale was the longest, fastest, hardest, when I decided to have one last go with my old team and joined the Velo Girls century training series opener, with the Northern Exposure Tiburon loop. I knew they would drop me before the bridge because I can't warm up for that climb that quickly anymore, but I did see them leaving the bridge north parking lot and was hoping to catch them before Mill Valley (fat chance), and so I kept riding as hard as I could. When they'd already left the first pit stop and were heading over Camino Alto before I got there, I knew the game was lost and decided I'd meet them in Tiburon via Strawberry Pt. And I beat them there by 20 minutes (they rode 22 to my 18 miles; I had fewer climbs). After taking a break, I rode north on Paradise until I met them coming in. Since I'd already taken a long break I didn't stay. I assumed they'd lap me on the return to the city. They didn't.

Coming back over the bridge, though, was worse with too many tourists on rental bikes, thanks to a sunny, nearly windless day, and I nearly got creamed more than once, including having one woman suddenly stop turned across the bike path just enough that I had to clip her as I went by, putting a bit of a hole in my left kneecap. I didn't stop. (She heard about it, expletives loud and clear!)

Today I met Judy and Theresa to ride from the Ferry Bldg. to the beach and back, after which we had lunch (tacos and beer) and then sat in the sun under Gandhi until Theresa's ferry took her back to Larkspur.

I switched my SPD pedals around between the Bike Friday and the Miyata on Friday, putting the dual-purpose pedals on my town bike (Miyata) so I can wear regular shoes when I use it to go to museums and school. But I had to take it over to Noe Valley Cyclery to have Larry loosen the Miyata's pedals because guys always put them on too tight (he says they don't really need to do that and doesn't anymore).

I'm so glad to be out riding.

(I didn't carry a camera any of those days so these are old file photos.)

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