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Monday, July 12, 2010

A colorful Sunday ride

Cyclists on 24th Street - see the doggie in the window?

I forgot what he was playing on his piano bike, and I don't know how he turns corners, but he was a wondrous sight in his Tom Mix Stetson!

There's a bulb-out sidewalk planted with very colorful flowers at this corner of 21st & Bryant. There are murals on two corner buildings.

I loved the way this odd giant sculpture imposed itself on a scene with thousands of equally odd World Cup fans.

The crowd on the southern side of Civic Center Plaza was at least 90% orange, so when Spain scored there were just a few celebrants leaping up.

I probably didn't ride more than ten miles total all day, but I sure had fun. First on 24th Street in the Mission for Sunday Streets, and then in Civic Center for the World Cup final.


sweet girl like kinder suprise ^-^ said...
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sweet girl like kinder suprise ^-^ said...

nice pictures ;)) by the way Spain the best ;)