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Friday, July 23, 2010

Five years ago today

Five years ago today I started this blog. It was a Saturday and it was too hot and I didn't have much of anything to say. I guess I still don't have much of anything to say, but there it is. I still ride a bicycle a lot and take a lot of pictures and do a bit more of this and that. I still read and write and hate housework and swear this year I will clean out my excess junk and make something of this house, really!

I'm happy.

And there you have it.

On another note: I took off the big blue Bandaids on my avulsed shin and after a shower replaced them with a big sheet of Tegaderm, left over from my E.R. days (expiration date 2001), which I used to carry along on bike trips in case of road rash. Works great; lets the wound heal without drying out.

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page132 said...

Happy 5 year anniversary. I love your blog mama!