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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The view from here

My new table was delivered last Thursday evening and I assembled it in less than two hours, without cursing even once. (Slow but sure, that's me). It's very nice and made with real wood. Solid.

On Monday I had the satellite dish installed and was immediately disappointed to see ghosts in my mostly lousy image. It turns out one needs an HD receiver for the new HDTVs. Since I had a crystal clear picture on this set with my old rabbit ears, albeit on only the one station they pulled in, I simply couldn't accept paying big bucks for a lousy picture; nor could I stomach paying even more for an HD receiver for the crap I knew I'd be getting on my 200+ stations.

After many phone calls and a repeat visit from the installer, I plunked my angry self down in front of the set all day yesterday, watched a DVD for awhile, stewing in the heat wave as my house heated up, and then as I fixed my dinner I could see my huge TV from the kitchen and thought, gosh, it looks better from a distance.

But, oddly enough, on most stations the ghosts are disappearing and the picture, while not crystal clear and wonderful, is more acceptable. They did say in one followup call that it takes up to 24 hours to download, whatever that means.

But I'm going to watch a movie in an air-conditioned theater this afternoon and pray the fog comes back in soon. This has been a summer of cold windy days and then, suddenly, this other extreme. My house was over 90F yesterday; even the fan didn't help much.

later . . . and as I left the movie in Stonestown the fog was on the way back. Whew!

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